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Broke Black & Bored is a podcast where we try to entertain the world by talking about the things that entertain us. New content every week,  where we talk about movies, music, anime, gaming, tv…that one time Ace forgot to hit record before interviewing a Hollywood director. We might even talk about when Droid challenged clone Drake to a fight on our old podcast.


July 12, 2019

Do You Murder?

On this week's episode, we have a long conversation about the controversy surrounding Halle Bailey playing Ariel. Things get a bit heated for sure... then we hit a bit of a switch up; talking about Ace's fantasy of dating a woman with the same name as him, and why he can't stand dudes trying to have sex with him. Plus, we break down our thoughts on Revenge of the Dreamers 3, Erys, and Stranger Things season 3

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On this episode, we talk about two movies...because there a lot of stuff coming out right now.

First we talk about Yesterday, and argue about all the things that would have been missing from the world if the Beatles had never gotten big.

Then we break down Spiderman: Far From Home...and how Marvel tricked us all. Again.

Then Ace tries to do a backflip for some reason??? It's weird.

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June 28, 2019

Toy Story 4

On this episode, we added video! Except...Ace didn't warn Droid...SO IT'S A SURPRISE FOR EVERYONE! We start out with some serious stuff...changes in our lives... And then we follow up with ranting, Toy Story 4, and Lil Nas X's " 7 EP". Also, we talk about how Ace'll let anybody beat his ass for 40 grand.

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June 21, 2019

The Week After…

On this episode, we spend some time catching up with Droid after E3.

What he enjoyed, what he learned, cool people he met...and a journey of self discovery.

Plus, we talk about his run in with a celebrity crush.

Then at some point; Ace tries to reel the episode back in, and we talk about Men in Black International.

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June 13, 2019

What is Life?

On this week's episode ....we get real.

We talk about the things going on in our heads; you can find out what our inspirations were for starting the podcasts...and why Droid gets paranoid when we get new listens too fast.

We're open, honest....and interestingly enough, still hilarious.

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On this episode, we're talking about Pokemon, radioactive lizards, rappers we'd allow on the podcast, and one of the most famous gay men alive.

Yup, we're talking about Godzilla, and just because we felt like it; we're talking about Rocketman too!

Somewhere in between, we talk about Denzel Curry new album,"Zuu".

Plus, Droid goes on another *tiny* rant about how he wants to stop being broke.

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May 30, 2019


On this week's episode, Droid's got a bone to pick with Ace.

Plus, we talk about Disney's live-action adaptation of the timeless classic, Aladdin.

Then we talk about celebrity crushes, J.Cole. and at some point, we realize that Captain Jack Sparrow might have taken over Johnny Depp's consciousness.

It' interesting week to say the least.

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On this week's episode; we finally talk about Droid's experience with catching up to Game of Thrones...and our thoughts on the series finale.

Plus..we take some time to appreciate them memes that have resulted from GoT.

Then, we talk about DJ Khaled's,"Father of Assad", and Tyler, the Creator's, "Igor."

Plus, how Droid stumbled upon BTS and cant stop listening to them...

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On this episode, we talk about how Ryan Reynolds can't carry a PG movie on his own after all. Plus, why Mewtwo should absolutely NEVER open his mouth; ever. We're talking about Detective Pikachu

Plus we talk about our journey to catch up with Game of Thrones, our hatred of the undead, Cersei Lannister, and the fact that Daenerys only REALLY loves Drogon.

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May 9, 2019

Game of Thrones

On this episode, we talk about a bunch of stuff; our lives post Endgame, opinions on Sonic the Hedgehog's character design, and a little photo-shoot we did.

THEN, we talk about our struggles with trying to catch up the show that's been consuming our lives recently: Game of Thrones.

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